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NFL 2014

September 5th, 2014 Comments off

Well, my 2013 prediction were close… I just picked the wrong NFC West titan to beat the Broncos. I even correctly predicted camera-less Brady would once again not looking anything like Joe Montana in losing to Denver in the AFC Championship.

Frankly this year I’m not feeling so confident… I really want to predict a rematch between Seattle and Denver; neither lost anyone too dramatic and Denver signed a bunch of big names. But it’s tough to repeat and both the Seahawks D and Denver O seem primed for some regression.

East – PHI (9-7), WAS (8-8), NYG (7-9), DAL (6-10)…. Eagles will once again be the best of four flawed teams.
North – GNB (11-5), CHI (10-6), DET (7-9), MIN (6-10)… Packers and Bears best the one dimensional Lions and Vikes.
South – NO (13-3), CAR (9-7), TB (8-8), ATL (7-9)… Saints will benefit from a somewhat soft division and even softer schedule.
West – SEA (12-4), SF (10-6), ARI (8-8), STL (6-10)… Still the toughest division in football by far; I was this close to predicting the 49ers to falter and miss playoffs but they just have too much talent. Rams way better than 6-10 but not in this brutal division.

East – NWE (11-5), NYJ (8-8), MIA (7-9), BUF (5-11)… sigh, Pats cruise to another title; only real question is whether this is final year in Buffalo for Bills. Jets secondary a mess but the offense has to be better after looking like a D3 team last year so they will sneak into the playoffs to keep Rex around for at least 1 more year.
North – CIN (10-6), BAL (9-7), PIT (7-9), CLE (4-12)… Dalton taking a lot of flak for playoff losses but he’s still young and improved each of his 3 seasons. Ravens are a sleeper if o-line figured out…. Steelers are old and Browns losing Gordon really hurt whoever ends up playing QB.
South – IND (11-5), HOU (7-9), TEN (6-10), JAC (3-13)… Colts should go 6-0 in division play and improvement from Luck could make them the #1 seed in AFC. Texans bounce back a bit but still a weak field here.
West – DEN (12-4), KC (8-8), SD (7-9), OAK (4-12)… Denver still loaded but both they and KC will come back down to earth a bit after 2013 peaks. Raiders suffer through another miserable season… and possibly last season moving back to LA again.

NFC Wild Card Round – Packers and 49ers prevail over Bears and Eagles
AFC Wild Card Round – Jets sneak into playoffs only to get stomped by the hated Belicheats, Bengals finally get a playoff W vs Ravens
NFC Divisional Round – Saints edge the 49ers, Seahawks edge the Packers
AFC Divisional Round – Broncos rough up Bengals, Belicheats edge Colts as traitor Revis snags two of Luck’s 3 INTs
NFC Championship – No 12th man no problem as the Seahawks silence the Superdome.
AFC Championship – Manning-Brady bowl part 57… I really want to pick Denver but my gut is telling me Belicheats

Super Bowl
Remember how bad the Seahawks made Peyton look last year? Welp, this year Tomwina is on the receiving end of “baby seal clubbing”. Seahawks repeat as defense is not quite as dominant but Russell Wilson grows into a top 5 or so NFL QB.

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MLB 2013

April 15th, 2013 Comments off

Ok, so I’m about 2 weeks late with these predictions but since no one is reading this blog I think we’re fine here. MLB logo

Let’s also not talk about last year where my MLB predictions were not so hot – neither of my world series teams even made the playoffs :-/

So on to 2013!

AL East

  1. Yankees – this division is by far the toughest to call but rumors of Bombers demise are premature.. plenty of talent and still deep pockets at the deadline
  2. Rays – they’ll continue to be just good enough to make the playoffs and not do anything in them
  3. Red Sux – same story as the Yankees… as much as I’d love to see it happen, last year’s disaster will not repeat
  4. Blue Jays – they will be to 2013 what the Marlins were in 2012… a high priced all star team that will flop
  5. Orioles – the O’s luck from 2012 runs out and they go back in the basement

AL Central

  1. Tigers – getting back VMart is like a big free agent signing… class of the AL thanks to the pitching
  2. White Sox – none of the other 4 teams in this division impress me much but I’ll give slight edge to Chisox based on pitching
  3. Indians – I see the Tribe making a surprise wild card run but fading down the stretch
  4. Royals – Shields is nice but still not getting over the .500 hump
  5. Twins – going to be a loooong year for Minny

AL West

  1. Angels – Hamilton adds to an already loaded lineup but the real question is how good is their pitching
  2. Athletics – 2012 Cinderella is for real and wild get a wild card this year
  3. Rangers – they are headed into mini rebuild mode with a bunch of aging vets being phased out for youngsters… I wouldn’t be surprised to see them sub .500 this year but contending again in a season or two
  4. Mariners – I like most of the little moves they made in the offseason as Morse and Morales should add some nice pop. Tempted to pick them to finish ahead of Texas but that might be a reach
  5. Astros – new league, same triple A level talent

NL East

  1. Nationals – tempted to pick the Braves here but I’ll go with the masses and say Nats win in a close race
  2. Braves – I love getting Justin Upton… they’ll give Nats all they can handle in tougher than expected NL East
  3. Mets – this is more of a reflection of how bad I think the Phillies and Marlins are going to be than a vote of confidence in the Mets
  4. Phillies – don’t like their chances of a rebound much at all… beating the Mets out for 3rd (which isn’t saying much) is a possibility but so is giving the fish a run for last place
  5. Marlins – Miami will see how AAA ball draws in that brand new tax payer funded stadium

NL Central

  1. Reds – tons of offense but can they pitch?
  2. Cardinals – I was very close to picking them to win the division so they are a few key Reds’ injuries away from 1st
  3. Pirates – unless they find some starting pitching, they’ll once again come up just short of finishing above .500 for the first time in forever
  4. Brewers – similar to Pirates, a solid offense with some big bats but not much starting rotation depth
  5. Cubs – may get worse before they get better

NL West

  1. Dodgers – health is the biggest concern for the Dodgers… they could have the best record in the NL or miss the playoffs depending on how their DL ends up looking
  2. Giants – if you’re a baseball fan, you have to like how this team is put together and I can easily see them beating out the Dodgers
  3. Rockies – best of the rest in the very top heavy NL West
  4. Diamond Backs – congrats to the D’Backs for finally ridding themselves of one of the best young players in baseball!
  5. Padres – the fences at PETCO have moved in so all the San Diego losses are higher scoring

Wild Card: Giants over Braves and Athletics over Rays
Divisional Round: Tigers over Athletics, Angels over Yankees, Nationals over Giants and Dodgers over Reds as both NL series go 7
Championship Round: Tigers over Angels in 6, Nationals over Dodgers in 5
World Series: Tiger over Nationals in 6

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NFL 2011

September 10th, 2011 1 comment

NFL LogoThank goodness football is back… life is worth living again. Better still I have NFL Sunday Ticket again so 12 hours of my Sundays for the next 4 months are booked pretty solidly!

And fresh off nailing the Packers as 2010 champs, I’m back with my 2011 picks. Place your bets now ladies.

East = Eagles (12-4), Cowboys (9-7), Giants (8-8), Redskins (6-10)
Central = Packers (14-2), Lions (8-8), Bears (7-9), Vikings (5-11)
South = Saints (12-4), Falcons (12-4), Buccaneers (7-9), Panthers (2-14)
West = Cardinals (10-6), Rams (9-7), 49ers (6-10), Seahawks (3-13)

East = Belicheats (12-4), Jets (10-6), Dolphins (6-10), Bills (5-11)
Central = Steelers (13-3), Ravens (12-4), Browns (7-9), Bengals (1-15)
South = Texans (11-5), Colts (8-8), Jaguars (7-9), Titans (5-11)
West = Chiefs (10-6), Chargers (8-8), Broncos (7-9), Raiders (6-10)

Wild card round = Saints over Cowboys, Falcons over Cardinals, Jets over Texans, Ravens over Chiefs
Divisional round = Steelers over Jets, Patriots over Ravens

Super Bowl
Fitting that defending champion Packers will play the Belicheats (the last team to win back to back titles AND first team to cheat their way to back to back titles). A Green Bay team that’s even better than last year’s brings home Vince’s trophy again, everyone realizes Aaron Rodgers is a WAY better QB than Tom Brady…. Green Bay 37, New England 21

Bonus Super Bowl prediction – Belicheat actually sticks around for the handshake this time but Tomwina sits on the sidelines crying like the little girl that he is.

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Hypocrisy in Action Part 257

June 13th, 2010 Comments off

As the Deepwater Horizon oil spill goes on and on and on and all BO does is talk like a street thug about “finding an ass to kick”, I can’t help but laugh about how different this story would be getting covered if good ‘ol Dubya was still in office.

… stay classy BO, stay classy…

To be clear, I’m not saying the response would be any different under another administration (they’re all corrupted by the same corporate goons).

But no matter which side of the political fence you’re on, you’re either oblivious or lying if you don’t think the press would be absolutely CRUCIFYING Bush for this.

In fact this would have been a liberal media’s dream come true if it had happened 6 or 8 years ago when they could exploit it to stop Bush from getting re-elected… “species being wiped out daily and bush does nothing but embarrass America abroad by threatening to ‘kick ass’”, “bush and his oil baron cronies ruining the environment so they can make millions”, “gulf coast small businesses ruined by evil corporate greed”, etc etc etc. It would literally be a nonstop, 24×7, bush is in bed with big oil feeding frenzy.

But since a dem do nothing is in office instead of one from the GOP, it’s all just BP’s fault and they’ll just use this to try and ramrod in some cap and trade nonsense that will further ensure my kids grow up in a 3rd world country.

And no one is even mentioning that the federal agency responsible for inspecting the rig for safety FAILED to perform required monthly inspections 33% of the time since Obama has taken office. Or that it cited the Deepwater Horizon as a model of safety just a few months before the disaster (despite not actually bothering to inspect it most of the time or noticing a slew of safety documents were never filed on the rig).

I think back to Katrina… that was somehow all the Bush administration’s fault. New Orleans, a city built where a city never should have been built gets hit dead on by a once in a century storm…. but the media acted like there was some magic wand to make the flood waters recede that Bush was too incompetent to use.

The by and large complete free pass BO is getting is only slightly less surprising than the apparent fact that BP never actually planned for a disaster like this.

Sigh… the sooner people realize how utterly corrupt BOTH SIDES and, more importantly, the mainstream media are, the sooner we can start rebuilding a government that actually works. I just hope it’s not too late already.

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Politics of Change

December 23rd, 2009 Comments off

BO's politics of change

My a**…. here’s BO the candidate on his “politics of change”:

“We can no longer accept a process that doles out earmarks based on a member of Congress’ seniority, rather than the merit of the project.”

Here’s BO’s today on his precious health care reform… his White House chief spokesman explained all the recent kick backs (aka bribes) given to Senators (such as Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Chris Dodd, Bernie Sanders, and many others) on the fence about health care as follows:

“Every senator uses whatever leverage they have to help their states. That’s the way it has been. That’s the way it will always be.”

I don’t know what’s sadder – that so many people were gullible enough to believe this guy in the beginning or that some of them still do. “Yes, we can all have cheap health care, high standards of living, affordable half million dollar homes, big screen TVs, cheap transportation and green energy AND save money too!”. There’s some saying, can’t quite remember, about when something sounds too good to be true….? Ah whatever, pass me my bailout money and free health care!

I feel bad for my kids… they’re the generation that’s probably going to have the painfully realize the federal government (the same one that under the guise of the USPS lost 3.8 BILLION dollars last year alone putting envelopes in mailboxes) cannot spend a TRILLION on health care and somehow have it end up saving us money. They’re the ones that are going to end up living in a province of China when the people financing all of our drunken sailor style spending call in their debts.


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June 20th, 2009 Comments off

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June 6th, 2009 Comments off

You’ve reached the blog of Sean Comerford. Sean currently resides in central Connecticut where he works as a software architect at ESPN.

When he’s not working, taking care of his kids, managing his fantasy teams or drinking, Sean occasionally will post some nonsense here. And while he only updates this blog on a semi-annual basis, everything he has to say is very important so take heed and it to your RSS chump.

And while you’re killing time at work, check out the rest of Sean’s site.

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