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Hypocrisy in media part 3742

May 19th, 2012 Comments off

Breitbart doing what the mainstream media refuses to do on their boy Obama – vetting his past lies and transgressions… like they would if, you know, he wasn’t a liberal…

Like the article says, it’s highly unlikely Obama actually was born in Kenya – Billary would have turned that up to win in 2008 if he had been.

But it IS about the mainstream media completely ignoring the fact that as recently as 20 years ago Obama’s own publications listed him as “born in Kenya” – which proves that either he’s willing to lie when it suits him or he actually IS ineligible to be president.

Dan Rather went live with made up “facts” on Bush skipping out on the National Guard.

And there have been a bunch of recent investigations into who Romney may have beat up in high school 40 years ago.

But when fairly recent biographies written by Obama or at least his publicist say he was born in a different country? Not a story.

When the president is linked to trying to auction off his former senate seat? Not a story.

When the president personal pastor turns out to be a raging, anti-American racist? Not a story.

It goes on and on… just unreal.

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RIP Ginger

May 3rd, 2012 Comments off

You were always a bit crazy but we loved you anyway…

Ryan and Ginger

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