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MLB 2012

April 5th, 2012

The “real” opening day for baseball is here so it’s time for my annual predictions… I hate this dopey new 2 wild cards in 1 game format (at least make it 3 games!) but they didn’t consult meMLB

AL East

  1. Yankees – most well balanced and deep team in baseball’s best division although Pineda injury is troubling
  2. Red Sux – don’t like the Bobby V hire at all and lots of questions about starting pitching but don’t see them missing playoffs again
  3. Rays – they’ll be in it ’til the end but most of the pitching is pretty young and Shields won’t come anywhere near 2011 #s
  4. Blue Jays – getting better but not enough pitching to seriously contend in this brutal division
  5. Orioles – it’s going to be a very, very long season

AL Central

  1. Tigers – Fielder signing was huge… they will run away with this weak division
  2. Royals – great young bats but no pitching… finishing above .500 would be a realistic (and big) accomplishment
  3. Indians – lots of experts see them as a sleeper but I see their late 2010 collapse as their 2011 reality
  4. White Sox – not much to get excited about
  5. Twins – midwest version of the Moneyball A’s… years of fruitless playoff trips eventually turn into unfortunate reality

AL West

  1. Angels – Yankees west? Stellar rotation and Pujols + Morales return will cure a lot of offensive ills as they take this top heavy division
  2. Rangers – this will be a dog fight but exas eventually wilts and a 3rd straight post season run is too much to ask
  3. Mariners – Angles & Rangers will battle for 1st, Mariners + A’s will battle for last
  4. Athletics – even if Manny is back on the juice and Cespedes is the real deal they are in for a tough year

NL East

  1. Phillies – need Howard to come back healthy at mid year but pitching is dominant enough to win the division either way
  2. Nationals – probably at least a year away from serious contention but this looks like a dynasty in the making
  3. Braves – after collapsing last year, i see them struggling out of the gate and a year of growing pains for their young players but wouldn’t be shocked by a dark horse run to the series either
  4. Marlins – I’m calling it now: this team and the new stadium will both be epic disappointments. Oh, and Reyes will get hurt and miss half the year
  5. Mets – they’ll be more competitive than many expect but still not very good

NL Central

  1. Reds – love the Latos trade and other young arms like Cueto and Bailey will finally start putting it together to complement great offense
  2. Cardinals – lost Pujols, get Wainwright back. Return trip to the playoffs a possibility but I see them just missing with 85 or so wins.
  3. Brewers – Fielder is gone and something tells me Braun is going to see his #s drop off big time. Pitching is good enough that 2nd place wouldn’t shock me but think red birds are more well balanced
  4. Pirates – getting better but still nowhere near enough pitching to even sniff .500
  5. Cubs – they’ll be bad
  6. Astros – they’ll be positively awful

NL West

  1. Giants – love the Melky acquisition. That + healthy Posey and their staff makes puts them head and shoulders above the rest of the west
  2. Dodgers – Ethier will bounce back and I like the signings of Lilly + Capuano to solidify the rotation
  3. Diamond Backs – I like their offense but the starting pitching WAY overachieved in 2011… Kennedy + Hudson will come nowhere near the 37 wins they combined for last year
  4. Rockies – like the lineup but Jamie Moyer is their 4th starter… ’nuff said
  5. Padres – they are going to lose a whole of 2-1 type games

Post season
Wild Card games: Red Sux beat Rangers, Dodgers beat Nationals
AL Divisionals: Angels in 5 over Red Sux, Tigers in 5 over Yankees
NL Divisionals: Phillies defeat Dodgers in 4, Reds beat Giants in 5
ALCS: Angels over Tigers in 6
NLCS: Phillies over Reds in 5

World Series… the AL is the better league by far this year and the World Series will prove it as loaded for bear Angels earn all that money Moreno shelled out by dispatching the light hitting Phillies in 5

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