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NFL 2011

September 10th, 2011 1 comment

NFL LogoThank goodness football is back… life is worth living again. Better still I have NFL Sunday Ticket again so 12 hours of my Sundays for the next 4 months are booked pretty solidly!

And fresh off nailing the Packers as 2010 champs, I’m back with my 2011 picks. Place your bets now ladies.

East = Eagles (12-4), Cowboys (9-7), Giants (8-8), Redskins (6-10)
Central = Packers (14-2), Lions (8-8), Bears (7-9), Vikings (5-11)
South = Saints (12-4), Falcons (12-4), Buccaneers (7-9), Panthers (2-14)
West = Cardinals (10-6), Rams (9-7), 49ers (6-10), Seahawks (3-13)

East = Belicheats (12-4), Jets (10-6), Dolphins (6-10), Bills (5-11)
Central = Steelers (13-3), Ravens (12-4), Browns (7-9), Bengals (1-15)
South = Texans (11-5), Colts (8-8), Jaguars (7-9), Titans (5-11)
West = Chiefs (10-6), Chargers (8-8), Broncos (7-9), Raiders (6-10)

Wild card round = Saints over Cowboys, Falcons over Cardinals, Jets over Texans, Ravens over Chiefs
Divisional round = Steelers over Jets, Patriots over Ravens

Super Bowl
Fitting that defending champion Packers will play the Belicheats (the last team to win back to back titles AND first team to cheat their way to back to back titles). A Green Bay team that’s even better than last year’s brings home Vince’s trophy again, everyone realizes Aaron Rodgers is a WAY better QB than Tom Brady…. Green Bay 37, New England 21

Bonus Super Bowl prediction – Belicheat actually sticks around for the handshake this time but Tomwina sits on the sidelines crying like the little girl that he is.

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