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MLB 2011

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Last year I picked…. err, as Mark McGwire said, I’m not here to talk about the past.

A long, brutal winter is finally loosening it’s grip here in the northeast and baseball season is here. Here’s how it’s going to go down once the temps warm up and the games go down.

AL East

  1. Red Sux – Crawford and Gonzalez give them the best lineup in the majors, Ellsbury, Lackey & Beckett will rebound from rough seasons
  2. Yankees – Still plenty of offense but their rotation looks like Sabathia and “pray for rain” – Hughes 2nd half struggle wasn’t bad luck
  3. Rays – They’ve lost too much talent to contend in this division
  4. Orioles – young pitching and some nice bats… wouldn’t be shocked if they made a run at .500
  5. Blue Jays – The rebuild is under way and it could be long

AL Central

  1. White Sox – Dunn could hit 50+ thanks to the Cell. Tons of offense and solid pitching.
  2. Tigers – If VMart is healthy and productive, they could win the division or maybe even steal the wild card from the Yankees
  3. Twins – Minny’s run is over… Mauer & Morneau can’t stay healthy. on the bright side, they don’t have to worry about getting swept by the Yankees again
  4. Royals – Getting better but still a loooong way off
  5. Indians – Even Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn and Pedro Cerrano’s voodoo can’t save this team from last place

AL West

  1. Rangers – losing Lee hurts big time but they still have enough to win a week West
  2. A’s – they once again having a great young pitching staff and added a few pieces to their anemic offense
  3. Angels – they knew they needed to make a big splash in the off season… but they ended up with Vernon Wells’ contract
  4. Mariners – Felix, Ichiro and a whole lotta nuttin

NL East

  1. Phillies – With their pitching, if Rollins, Utley and Howard start hitting again… look out
  2. Braves – They are on the rise again… they’ll stay closer to Phils than you might think
  3. Marlins – they’ll be competitive but not great… somewhere in the 80-85 win range
  4. Nationals – Much improved offense… unfortunately they still have no pitchers until Straasburg returns
  5. Mets – Madoff investors must be happy to know some of their lost money is going to pay Bobby Bonilla and Oliver Perez

NL Central

  1. Brewers – Bolstered the pitching with Greinke and Marcum… good enough to take a weak central
  2. Reds – all their young talent makes them trendy pick but something tells me they won’t be as good as last year
  3. Cardinals – losing Wainwright hurts… losing Pujols after not even making the playoffs will hurt even more
  4. Cubs – not much improved from a team that won 75 last year
  5. Astros – Their pitching is solid but they don’t have much offense
  6. Pirates – could this team even win in AAA?

NL West

  1. Giants – arguably their pitching and offense will both be better this year
  2. Rockies – a distant 2nd
  3. Dodgers – this team wasn’t in great shape before the Mccourt took over the tabloids
  4. Diamondbacks – seems like 30 years ago they won the series
  5. Padres – AGonz is a-gone and last year was a fluke

AL Playoffs
Red Sux over Rangers
White Sox over Yankees
Red Sux over White Sox

NL Playoffs
Phillies over Brewers
Giants over Braves
Giants over Phillies

World Series – after knocking off the “unbeatable” Philly 4some, the “underdog” defending champs, with an improved offense and even better pitching, upset the Red Sux… Yankees fans delight that their team isn’t the only one who can spend a billion dollars and still lose

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