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Stay classy France, stay classy

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Hypocrisy in Action Part 257

June 13th, 2010 Comments off

As the Deepwater Horizon oil spill goes on and on and on and all BO does is talk like a street thug about “finding an ass to kick”, I can’t help but laugh about how different this story would be getting covered if good ‘ol Dubya was still in office.

… stay classy BO, stay classy…

To be clear, I’m not saying the response would be any different under another administration (they’re all corrupted by the same corporate goons).

But no matter which side of the political fence you’re on, you’re either oblivious or lying if you don’t think the press would be absolutely CRUCIFYING Bush for this.

In fact this would have been a liberal media’s dream come true if it had happened 6 or 8 years ago when they could exploit it to stop Bush from getting re-elected… “species being wiped out daily and bush does nothing but embarrass America abroad by threatening to ‘kick ass'”, “bush and his oil baron cronies ruining the environment so they can make millions”, “gulf coast small businesses ruined by evil corporate greed”, etc etc etc. It would literally be a nonstop, 24×7, bush is in bed with big oil feeding frenzy.

But since a dem do nothing is in office instead of one from the GOP, it’s all just BP’s fault and they’ll just use this to try and ramrod in some cap and trade nonsense that will further ensure my kids grow up in a 3rd world country.

And no one is even mentioning that the federal agency responsible for inspecting the rig for safety FAILED to perform required monthly inspections 33% of the time since Obama has taken office. Or that it cited the Deepwater Horizon as a model of safety just a few months before the disaster (despite not actually bothering to inspect it most of the time or noticing a slew of safety documents were never filed on the rig).

I think back to Katrina… that was somehow all the Bush administration’s fault. New Orleans, a city built where a city never should have been built gets hit dead on by a once in a century storm…. but the media acted like there was some magic wand to make the flood waters recede that Bush was too incompetent to use.

The by and large complete free pass BO is getting is only slightly less surprising than the apparent fact that BP never actually planned for a disaster like this.

Sigh… the sooner people realize how utterly corrupt BOTH SIDES and, more importantly, the mainstream media are, the sooner we can start rebuilding a government that actually works. I just hope it’s not too late already.

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