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Lightning McQueen laptop

March 6th, 2010 Comments off

Ahhh, nothing quite like the sounds of a 3 year old and 16 month old fighting in the morning. Lightning McQueen laptop starts the brawl every time…. just throw it on the floor in between them and watch the fun ensue. Someone should probably break this up.

Lightning McQueen Laptop

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A selfless act

March 1st, 2010 Comments off

While it was painful to watch, I would like to commend Team USA for “doing the right thing” and allowing Canada to win the gold in men’s and women’s hockey.

Let’s face it, even without the debacle that was the first 2 weeks of the Vancouver Olympics (not being able to light the torch properly at the opening ceremonies AFTER actually trotting Bryan Adams out there to perform; building a sliding track so fast it killed someone and a women’s downhill course so hard it produced at least a dozen spectacular falls; having to take back 20,000 tickets; etc etc), Canada as a country really couldn’t have survived losing at its own precious game.

A Team USA victory would have resulted in a Canadian mass suicide that made Jonestown look like a tea party. I’m guessing “Hockey Place” probably started switching the Molson taps out for the “special” purple Koolaid ones as soon as the US tied it with 20 seconds left in regulation… so let’s all just thank the lord they didn’t have to start serving it up.

And an especially noble move by Ryan Miller letting that whiny punk Crosby get the “winner”. I honestly expected Crosby in his post game interview to say “Thank god we scored and I’m not going to get lynched by an angry Vancouver mob tonight” and then complain that he was getting slashed / tripped / held and the refs wouldn’t call it and that the US players were “really mean men”.

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